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Delivering the Crushing Service Solutions you need.

Delivering a wide range of specialist crushing and screening contracting solutions

We have an experienced crushing and screening team that can tackle any material handling or other industry solutions including:

  • Mobile crushing and screening contractor services and management
  • Production of aggregates and roadbase
  • Mineral crushing and processing services
  • Crushing and screening equipment and labour hire for a key project or ongoing work
  • Specific crushing and screening machinery sales
  • Workshop rebuilds of mobile crushing and screening equipment
  • Fabrication or engineering services
  • Field maintenance or repair of your mining equipment

If your current project or ongoing needs are not listed here, please call us to discuss your specific mining or quarrying requirements. We always expect to be able to provide the solutions or services you need throughout Western Australia and Australia wide.

Whether you are involved in engineering or civil construction, mining or quarrying, or are managing a specific project, we are committed to providing a range of professional crushing and screening contracting services including mineral crushing and processing, material handling, equipment hire and recycling solutions to best meet your varied needs.


Why Crushing Service Solutions is the choice of so many.

From the day we started our Western Australian operations in 2010, we have created an unmatched team of highly dedicated and widely experienced industry professionals. Originally focusing on maintenance and equipment rentals for the mobile crushing industry, we have quickly evolved into a complete mineral handling contractor.


How can Crushing Services Solutions meet your requirements?

We can turn big rocks into little ones or just screening. But we can also offer you a complete and unequalled project management service, covering key areas such as tendering, set up and day-to-day management; or simply provide and operate fixed and mobile crushing equipment to match your specific needs.


Crushing and screening across a wide range of locations

CSS is based in Kalgoorlie-Boulder here in Western Australia. We provide extensive coverage of the Goldfields and Pilbara region, as well as Kimberley, Port Hedland, and across to Perth and the rest of WA.

To contact us for an obligation-free discussion of your Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Goldfields, Pilbara Kimberley, Port Hedland, Perth, Western Australia, South Australia or Northern Territory based project needs, simply call (08) 9443 2928. Whether for a future project, or an urgent current need, we always expect to be able to help!
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